mosaic of hope

/mō-zā'ĭk/ artwork made by placing together small pieces of glass, stone, etc. of different colors

.:: H U M A N S OF H O P E ::.

If you did not get a chance to view the Humans of Hope display during Culture Celebration Week…HERE’S YOUR CHANCE!! These photographs and quick interviews are a small representation of students, faculty and staff here at HIU.




“If you could give one piece of advice to a group of people, what would it be?”

“Be confident.”




“What the saddest moment of your life?”

“When I lost my dog.”




“How do you keep love going?”

“I don’t know.”

“What’s your favorite childhood memory?”

“I don’t know.”

“What’s your worst quality?”

“I forget names.”




“What are you passionate about?”

“Oh, traveling, discovering other cultures and learning about other people. And being apart of the community.”

“What’s your favorite place you’ve traveled to?”

“Either Ireland or Spain.”

“What were your favorite things about those places?”

“Spain, the tapas, the little bars and in Ireland, the people.”




“If you could do anything right now, no limitations, what would you do?”

“I really want to go to the club, night club.”




“Who inspires you?”



“Because he was a survivor and a genius.”




“What do you want to be when you grow up?”

“A middle school Science teacher.”

“What’s your favorite thing about Science?”

“I love learning about the earth.”

“And what’s your favorite thing about middle schoolers?”

I think why I’d rather teach middle schoolers than high schoolers is that Science is still very magical a tthat time to tjem. It’s not an AP class where they have to get good grades. You can experiment and it, like, blows their minds and they’re like, ‘How’d that happen?’”




“What’s the most frightened you have ever been?”

“Uhh, when I woke up in the hospital.”

“And why did you wake up in the hospital?”

“Because the anesthesia wore off and I woke up.”




“What’s your favorite quality about the person sitting next to you?”

“I think she’s sweet. I know you guys probably don’t get to see that so much. And I do…for the most part.”

“That he’s super understanding and awesome.”

“That’s two.”




“What’s the most frightened you have ever been?”

“The most frightened? I recall vividly. It was when I was four years old and there had been a fire in my neighbor’s garage, and I went over to visit my neighborhood friend and he locked me in that garage that was still, the fire was out, but it was smoking, it was hot and he wouldn’t let me out. He just scared me to death. I just remember vividly that fear that really entered my life at that time. It took a long time to work out.”




“What’s one of your greatest challenges at this point in time?”

“Deciding what to do after college, whether go to the military or apply to law schools.”

“When do you graduate?”

“May of 2015.”

“What do you like about each of them?”

“JAG for the military, so it’s still law.”

“What’s JAG?”

“Judicial Adviser General. So you’re still in the courtroom. Still doing law. But law schools. I want to go to Georgetown law school in D.C. So, I just got to decide. I want to work for the Department of Justice. Basically, how laws are applied and things like that…..I think a lot of people want to help people when they’re already in the problem. You know, like police officers…and social workers and psychologists, and that’s amazing, but I want to help people to a point where you don’t have to have a stress of a problem…because some laws, most laws are considered a downward law which means its targeted to people who are poor, to people who don’t have resources and things like that. I feel like if these laws were there to help these people instead of hurt them the world could be a better place, but, you know, not a lot of people can make it to the top to make it a better place and people who are at the top, have been at the top, and have never seen the bottom.”




“What are you passionate about?”

“I’m passionate about basketball, music and God.”

“In that particular order?”

“In that particular order, no, especially if God is listening. God is first for sure.”




“What’s your worst quality?”

“My worst? Oh man. I would have to say that I’m messy.”

“What’s your best quality?”

“That I’m a great friend. I am so loyal and caring and kind. And I’m just messy.”




“What’s one of your favorite childhood memories?”

“Oh geeze. Well, one of my favorite childhood memories was probably going on mission trips, actually, because my dad was a pastor, and so I got to go on all the high school mission trips, and I would, like, go every year and it was so much fun, and I haven’t been on one in ages…..So, yeah. That was probably my favorite. Going to Mexico and building houses. ”

“What’s one of your favorite countries?”

“Chile because I lived there for three years. It’s very, very dear to my heart.”




“What’s your best quality?”


“How old are you?”


“Why is age your best quality?”

“Because I am young and I have a lot of, umm, some possibility. That’s what I think.”



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