mosaic of hope

/mō-zā'ĭk/ artwork made by placing together small pieces of glass, stone, etc. of different colors

Culture Celebration Week – Part I

This year’s Culture Celebration Week at HIU featured several events and projects that recognized the diversity of cultures, talents, and personal stories on our campus. Intercultural Leadership Council and ISP staff worked hard all semester to plan and bring these events to life. Here are some pictures from the week.

 The S.H.O.W.

At this café event, students showed off their talents through song, dance, spoken word, and artwork.

DSC_3299DSC_3328 DSC_3343DSC_3343DSC_3341DSC_3316DSC_3321DSC_3421DSC_3424DSC_3427DSC_3431DSC_3434DSC_3456DSC_3445DSC_3454DSC_3462DSC_3471DSC_3477DSC_3491DSC_3492DSC_3493DSC_3501DSC_3548DSC_3552DSC_3553

Gabriella is an amazing artist who documented her experience living and studying at Hope through art.



We also played some fun games from Mexico and Korea.

Loteria (Mexican bingo game) – Each box on the card has a picture with a word in Spanish. The first person to get all the pictures on their card called by the leader wins the game. Instead of “Bingo,” you yell “Loteria!”


닭싸움 (One-legged fight – literally translated “Chicken Fight) – This game turned out to be quite a bit more intense than we expected. You’re not supposed to use your arms, just your legs. The last person standing wins the game. Daniel Root was the ultimate winner at this round.


Chopsticks Race – Who can move all the beans from one plate to the other fastest?


Humans of Hope

Many of Hope’s students, faculty, and staff were featured on this wall along with their answers to interview questions which included “What is your biggest challenge right now?” “If you could give advice to a group of people, what would it be?” “What was the saddest moment of your life?” and “If you could do anything right now, no limitations, what would it be?”

DSC_3300 DSC_3301 DSC_3302

Culture Celebration Week Buttons

These buttons were designed by DSU students and feature countries that are represented on our campus. Donations for these buttons went to support Missions of Hope International and its partner, which provides microfinance programs to the poor in Kenya.

DSC_3308 DSC_3309 DSC_3310 DSC_3312DSC_3330 DSC_3313

A big thank you to all the performers and volunteers who helped out and a special Thank You!!! to Hudson Lim for taking these amazing pictures!

DSC_3559 DSC_3561

by Judy Kim, Director of International Student Programs


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